Eternity is my true                nature

     Filled -Void of

      Chaos -Order              is my innate 

       Order -CHAOS,                  STAR                        MAGICKIAN


I am Da'Greatest Spirit-Soul PERIOD. There's nothing outside of me. My first eye see all. Everything that my eyes see are an illusion. A holograph projection from within me. I manipulate the laws of the universe, laws of nature, laws of mind, laws of name that can't be named, perceived, or thought of by self to always benefit me in a magickal, mysterious ways #wavev #law

This is me

Welcome to This website is about Milagro transforming & transmutating into Milagro Da'Greatest PERIOD. The true abiding essence of Milagro Da'Greatest PERIOD is that I'm Da'Greatest MIND PERIOD I guard my mind, spirit, & soul from all physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual attacks. I'm Da'Greatest Dance Walker Star, Entertainer Star, Singer/Lyrical Genius PERIOD


Genius-Crazy primordial, chaos-order force, non linear & linear perspective & non bias judgment

All is MIND

the Universe is MENTAL

What Does it Mean to be Da'Greatest PERIOD

What does Da'Greatest PERIOD mean? I think and know that I am better than everybody else #law #wavev Milagro Da'Greatest PERIOD is a reflection of awareness of no-thingness/filled-void/filled-emptiness, chaotic force here on Earth to express GREATNESS through Milagro vessel in everything Milagro express. No 'true selves' before or after Milagro will ever be Da'Greatest PERIOD and yet I perceive every single living thing (seen and unseen) within my universe from the flower of life to the stars and solar systems to cosmic, unknown substance which forms and shapes are created from as being Da'Greatest PERIOD. Even what seem error is Da'Greatest PERIOD because within every manifestation and unmanifestation contains a perceived outlook of this "infinite living mind" that can't be named, perceived, or thought of by self. Milagro Da'Greatest PERIOD will forever be remembered through all generations here on Earth now and yet to come. I expand and contract towards me never before seen truths here on Earth. 



   Mind         DO?

All of it is true, and none of it is true at the same time. All points of view are valid. This person’s truth over here is true, that person’s truth over there is true. This person’s truth is true. It’s all true and yet there are contradictions everywhere.

As above


Out of the darkness shall ye rise upward, 

one with LIGHT and ONE with the stars - THOTH The Atlantean

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