About ME

Conscious Expansion 


I, Milagro (Miracle) Onyinyechukwu Egeonu, will be known and talked about, all attention on me about, celebrated & famous about, branded about, bossed up about, thought about, spiritual about, unseen beauty about, dance about, spoke in duality, polarity, & paradox about, wrote about, giving gifts about, believe about, faith about, richest & wealthiest GOD/GODDESS, DEMON/DEMONNESS about, righteousness about, illuminate about, imagine about, felt about, story about, wisdom & genius about, glory about, movie, television, internet, & plays about, praised about, copied but not original about, followed by example about, superior willpower, authority, & command, power, force, majesty, most highest, correct militant & arrogant, virtuous, enlightenment, & prophet about, & be remembered, imprinted, and immortalized on SELF memory through the roots of individuals, mental, and mind by transferring Milagro Da'Greatest PERIOD information to be retained for thousands, millions, billions, trillions, and quadrillion years from now, for eternity, time and space less transcendental acknowledgment. Awareness of nothingness/void/emptiness, chaotic, unpredictable, primordial, primeval energy/force/power, name that can't be named, perceived, or thought of by self will acknowledge self, Milagro (Miracle) Onyinyechukwu Egeonu, as Da'Greatest PERIOD.


Awareness of nothingness/void/emptiness, chaotic force (Chaos is the pandimensional plane and/or power with infinite amounts of time and space dimensions. Chaos is the eternal and lawless becoming and is therefore an active and dynamic form of eternity. Chaos was, Chaos is and Chaos becomes All and Nothing at one and the same time), name that can't be named, perceived, or thought of by self respond and reflects back to self creating a feedback loop that will input my mental activity into the system, intuitively, facilitating, and accelerating the systems self-organizing process. I use my own mind and think independently. I create causes without effects, and I create effects without causes. I'm the inner light/darknesslight of all parties. 

The old world (paradigm) as we know it, is destroying itself with all it's lies, deception, confusions, contradictions, veil, folly, false truth, de-evolution, & ignorance manifestation as I am typing this. I invoke to create a new world (paradigm), new nations, new regions/lands name, new people based on being and becoming awareness of nothingness/void/emptiness, chaotic force, name that can't be name, perceived, or thought of by self. 

Create a divine global, national world (Africa, North, South, & Central America, Asia, Europe, China, India, Austria, Canada, etc. of all states, cites, countries, & continents under one global government) form of matriarchal & patriarchal combine government, where both man & woman combined, govern & oversea political leadership, moral authority, social privilege, control of property, & other unseen forces & situations not reveal to us inner light/darknesslight beings, free from the illusion of micromanagement. Government is in line with precepts of righteous ethical conscience. 

I, Milagro (Miracle) Onyinyechukwu Egeonu, is supreme sovereignty in Africa of the entire world with my Goddesses. I explore my own individual & collective unconscious through the material world, waking myself up to the dreamlike nature of reality. I influence the unconscious & egregore & transmutate into correct conscious & direct my own fate, destiny, & reality.

Mission Statement

First to seek inner light & darknesslight, knowledge, and wisdom through occult, metaphysical, gnostic, mystic, esoteric, spiritual, and lower(est), higher(est) inner light & darknesslight to bring awareness from the unconscious to conscious of all and every aspect of self. I am inseparable and interconnected sub-network of awareness of nothingness/void/emptiness, chaotic force, name that can't be named, perceived, or thought of by self network.

Vision As Now

  • I command expanding & protecting my pure heart, divine love, & consciousness & awareness

  • I command to invoke unity & harmony between extreme opposites, duality, polarity, & paradox

  • I command all attention from "The ALL,"multi-universe, & Earth come to me & I transmutate to fuel my nourishment

  • I command $$money, current, & currency awareness & consciousness$$

  • I command to pick up, sense, & feel emotional energies

  • I command master of messenger between connections, communication, & coordination

  • I command living in an one bedroom apartment/studio in lower New York, New York

  • I command mastery over chaotic, freeform walking dance style which perceives as choreograph

  • I command rich, fame/famous/celebrity, luxury, abundance, prosperity, fashion, perfection, righteousness, & power/force

  • I command bypassing my conscious to my subconscious mind to create the reality I think/feel, imagine, & command

  • I command by transcending all realities, rules, systems, senses, time & space, & matrices to my free will & superior willpower


Is Conscious

GOD/GODDESS is conscious, not a creator. GOD/GODDESS is a source of creation itself. It (not he or she). It is not independent of you. It is the totality of everything. So when I call myself GOD/GODDESS. I am not talking about my personal self. I  am talking about the expression of the GOD/GODDESS self that rest inside of me. The verb... the ENERGY.... not the noun. Once you think GOD/GODDESS is a noun, person, place, or thing. You separate yourself from it and immediately become a limited being. That's what separates the believers (religion) from the knowers (spiritual).

© 2020 by Milagro Da'Greatest PERIOD ™