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being poor is also abundance

To feel that money is an issue of why the world is the way it is. Should be looked at it in a different angle of light. Money first came from thought. Thought precedes physical. So money isn’t the issue, the issue is the way money is thought (whether good or bad) ~ Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD

being broke is on one side of the spectrum
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Have you ever looked at a person who is broke, in poverty or poor and be like, they are abundant? Scarcity is abundance. A person can have less and less and less and less for eternity. They can get something and right away it’s transferred to someone else. Interesting way to perceive. Kind of hard to perceive it that way since most of us perceive abundance in a positive aspect. And yet there are abundance of both positivity and negativity. I came to this realization for a hot minute now. That there are two side’s of abundance. An individual can be abundantly poor or abundantly rich.

Some people might not agree with what I am about to express and yet it’s my truth. There is nothing wrong with having enough or overly enough of money currency. I mean there’s abundance of air (oxygen and other shit that we breath in) and we don’t complain saying, oh this person has too much air than the other person. Money currency is a median of exchange with two parties. Money currency isn’t evil or good, it’s a tool. In my mind, since energy is abundant (even though the creation of energy is a mystery). That means I can utilize this energy anyway I chose to. Even be poor and broke!

transcend being broke
i do not own any rights to this photo

We all can use this energy the way we want to. I mean, damn, there’s infinite amounts of energy. That means it will never run out. I had to unroot so many ideas, beliefs, and constructs that ties into money. People dislike money and yet they still go to work for it. People talk shit about money and yet they use it to buy things that they desire. I can go on for days about the contradictions but it all starts in the mind. I guess what differs me from others is that I really don’t give a fuck about the world and what the world is doing majority of the time. Everything is an illusion and there are plenty of shit to keep me distracted from self. So right now, I am putting my time, energy, and attention to financial literacy. Learning about currency history (past events) so that I am able to be prepared for grand opportunity (especially when the financial market crashes).

I made a decision a long time ago to be filthy rich and to be the richest GOD/GODDESS on this planet ever and fuck anyone who supports it or not because it’s not even about you all, it’s all about me. I can’t help no one if I can’t even help myself. Money goes to anyone who understands it’s energy signature and departs quickly to those that dislike money because money is currency despite the shapes and forms it take on as. There are some teachers out there that says being broke is cool. I do not subscribe to that ideology. Why? There's abundant of air and water. Which if polluted, can be unpolluted. So if one is broke, one can be unbroke and tap in the other side of abundance and have everything and much more a person needs and wants. I started from sleeping on the streets with my cardboard box so I definitely have my tastes of experiences of being abundantly poor (America standards) to being more, more, and much more being more abundant on the rich side.

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