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genius is perceived as craziness in the beginning stages

To those with little minds have a hard time understanding and comprehending bigger minds ideologies ~ Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD

genius I am
I do not own any rights to this photo

I don’t remember if it was Truman that said if you are scared of the heat, don’t go in the kitchen. That’s a great quote because it has multidimensional meaning to it. There are a few ways how this quote applies to my own life. One way, I am and manifesting Da’Greatest receiver of attention PERIOD. What I download from recent realization that attention has it’s own polarity. There’s going to be attention that I want and there’s going to be attention that I don’t want. But to transcend, I don’t perceive attention as want and don’t want but using the energies to always benefit me in a magickal, mysterious ways #law I am a genius! I think, feel, and act strategically. So I understand those that receive attention, receive currency. I am current. I am Da'Greatest spiritual and material currency PERIOD. I am going to be known for aeons after my time expires as flesh on this reality.

I have allowed myself to get hurt by allowing other’s perceptions to belittle my genius ideologies. When there’s something that’s never been done or seen before, it will get ridiculed. I didn’t understand it until I started to do something that’s unthinking. Dance in public, in the streets, along with the cars, with headphones on. That right there sounds crazy ass fuck lmao. If I saw someone doing what I was doing years ago (before being aware of being conscious), I would have judge him or her and express his or her ass need to be in a mental home lmao. I had to overcome what other's think and feel about me and do it regardless if people fucked with me or not. It took years for me to overcome that. Not to give a fuck what others think and feel of me.

I am genius
i do not own any rights to this photo

I came to a realization that once what seem crazy amongst others becomes a genius reality because of popularity. When I first started to be a dance walker, I was feeling alienated because I was doing something different. I remember this incident til this day. I used to dance for this eye company in Brooklyn. I had my own speaker and music and I used to dance right in the front of the business to drive in customers. It was so much fun. Anyways, I had this young kid (maybe like 12 or 13 years young) say to me what am I doing? But he acted as like neega are you crazy or something lmao. My dance style is very different and unique and my approach is very different and unique. But one thing I understand is that no one can say he didn’t dance. What I started to understand and comprehend that when doing the same thing over and over and over again, eventually that idea will be planted in the people minds. Whether it's good or not. I have planted the seeds years ago and they are finally sprouting. My energy signature is connected to all different parts of the world because of space, matter, and the people.

Now, I have so many people be like oh that’s the dancing guy. I have so many people come up and want to dance with me even though I be in my own zone and not really pay attention to my external world like that. So many people want to take pictures of me or stop me from my dancing to talk to me for whatever reason and yet I don't. I am grateful for all the attention I received knowingly and unknowingly. I am improving my craft (I prefer to remain a mystery for a while lol). Anyways, I knew if I danced through 2020 pandemic, it would aligned me with the stars to be known all over the world and to be greater known after I transition from this reality. I am just grateful to stick to my genius despite what my external reality projects to me.


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