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mistakes, failing, losses, losing are growth potential

Without polarity, how can I perfect my craft. Learning to be great at losing is the key at being a great winner~ Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD

I am a happy loser
i do not own any rights to this photo

Imagine a reality where everything goes our way. Real soon that shit will get boring ass fuck. My spirit-soul been around the block and understands that perfection gets boring. It needs chaos and order to help entice experiencing this reality much better. Kevin Samuels said something that really resonated with me. He said “do it afraid, do it scared but do it anyway!” The only way to conquer anything that one fear, is to face the fear (multiple times is more likely to happen depending on how much fear one have towards it). I am expressing from experience. I am happy when I am experience losses, mistakes, failures, etc. because my natural state is happiness.

We are living in a time, if anyone dances or have fun openly, out in public. Usually they are projected as something is wrong with them or they have mental issues. Especially in NYC! My fear: what others think and feel about me like what they project towards me validates my existence. I am unrooting, unlearning, and unbelieving that thought form. So I knew I had to face that fear of mine. To dance out in public especially with my headphones on while no one can't hear what I am playing (I dance with a JBL speaker that’s very fucking loud also). I went through a lot of harshness over dancing (dealings with police officers, ambulance, people in general, etc.). I use to hate when people feared me and run away from me like I am a virus or something (and I am a virus of changing outdated structures for my benefit). But after years of observing especially while dancing and especially during this so called pandemic. That fear is apart of this reality and just accept it as is. So now when I dance, I am focused on improving my craft and enjoying be free while others project whatever they want to project (I am an alchemist so I transmutate all energies to always benefit me in a magickal, mysterious ways #law #wavev). I am grateful for all the attention directed at me, ya heard.

If that quote I wrote before the start of this blog doesn’t make sense. I understand. Most of us have been programmed to think that losing, creating mistakes, and experiencing losses are forbidden but the real question is, why is losing, creating mistakes, and experiencing losses so called bad thing? Most of us have been emotionally condition to fear to fail because the illusion is that without failure, there can be no success. I was programmed not to make any mistakes while going to school. If I brought home low grades, I would get in trouble. It’s pretty funny to me that when a child is first learning to crawl, parents do not discourage them. When a child is learning to talk, parents in general do not discourage the child when the child is mumbling and preparing for the next stage to express words that others can understand. But when it comes to the system of learning and growing. Somehow mistakes and making errors were outcast. Learning and growing must include trial and error. Without it, people will live fearful in their reality.

mistakes are apart of the experience
i do not own any rights to this photo

I have been practicing Spanish for almost a year now on this app called Duo. At first, when I made a mistake. It bother me and made me feel worthless. It took a while for me to understand and comprehend that making/creating mistakes isn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. I get what people meant when they say build risk tolerance. There’s a big difference between losing one thousand dollars compared to losing ten thousand dollars. If an individual never experienced losing ten thousand dollars before it would most likely manifest emotional turmoil. I lost $300 to $600 dollars before and it didn’t felt good at all lmao but I lost $1 dollar and felt nothing about it.

There’s this Goddess that invited me to play this word game on Facebook. I haven’t really played any video games in a very long time. I think we played over maybe like thirty games and I haven’t won not even one game (update aug 16th, I still haven’t won not one game lmaooooo). But I have practice at being such a great loser that I actually enjoy the experience of losing. Now, I am going to talk shit which I do to her but without spite. This game is teaching me that my vocabulary skills are low and need to build that aspect within my consciousness. I am grateful for this Goddess to beat my ass like I stole something from her lmao. Because losing sucks to those that doesn’t understand polarity and duality. Losing can suck but only to those that give up and quit. Like any great story, the best parts are from the so called negative experiences. Without the negative, the positive isn’t much worth to discussed with others.

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