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Name That Can't Be Named, Perceived, or Thought of by SELF

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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I was born into a Christianity background. My mother at one time was Jehovah Witness. Then it seem like she transition to Catholic ideology. When I went into foster care, I was introduced into Baptist ideology. Out of all these Christian denominations, I knew one thing they all have in common. That there is a GOD. But to say this God created everything and yet to put this mortal being name Jesus Christ as God, the savior of all. I didn’t recall Jesus being there in the beginning of creation. Some people express about Jesus so much, I took it as that Jesus is above “God”. You can google “God” & click on images. You will definitely see pictures of Jesus, multiply pictures of Jesus as "God". This kind of information is brainwashing. Another thing that is very brainwashing is that God is a he. Why is God a he? Why isn’t God a she? Or why can’t God be both he & she? Shit, why is God even consider a gender? Why are all the books in the bible create from so called men & not written by women? Not one! It’s funny! Human being will kill & die for God but when I look at women. Man will do the same thing for a woman. Kill & die over pussy! Doesn’t that make woman a God/Goddess also? So why not have an androgynous "God?" Something to think about! The quest of of my conscious spiritual journey made me question everything & assume nothing. I definitely know that this “God” definitely exist but my perception & beliefs about this “God” isn’t working for me anymore. For Jesus to be my lord & savior doesn’t work for me anymore. For Jesus to be my “God” doesn’t work for me anymore. When it comes down to anything within our life experience. It’s what we believe determines our reality. Belief is so powerful, we can believe that we are poor. Let me repeat that again, belief is soo fucking powerful that we can believe that we are poor & manifest that reality. That’s the power of the mind for us. I eradicate that poverty belief system within my subconscious & consciousness.

Through human history that I know of, humans had over 10,000 names for this highest power that some religions named God. I don’t remember the book for this one but this is from the research I have done. Multiple aspects of this one source. For any individual to express that their God is right & everybody else God is wrong is really a kick, slap to the face. On average, a human being lifespan is about sixty to eighty years, give & take. My neega, the Earth been around for billions of years. Our physical lifespan is like comparing to a grain of sand coming from the beach. Very minuscule if you ask me. Let’s consider the Sun is all mighty & powerful creator that created everything right (pretending here). All of us is going to perceive this sun different. Some might say that the sun is red. Some might say that the sun looks purple to them. Some might say that the sun feels cold, while some say that the sun is extremely hot. Some say that the Sun burnt all their crops while others say that the Sun helped clear their land. Some say they can’t even see the sun but can hear it & yet this same sun comes up & down everyday. Whether we want it to happen or not. It’s going to be there. It all comes down to perception. What we believe this "God" is capable of doing is a reflect of what we can do. I remember when I was heavily involved in Christianity, I was like if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ as your lord & savior. My neega, you are going to hell! It’s funny now when I reflect on this belief or concept of thinking my God is right & everyone else God is wrong. If I was born in some part of Asia, my religion just might been some Eastern philosophy/ideology. So it made me question. Which religion is right? Which religion is correct? Which religion is wrong? Which religion incorrect? About this "God?" Since there are over 10,000 God’s & Goddess’s, which is the only truth that can save me? Even the Hebrews & others express that they know the name of GOD? My neega how? When some don’t even respect women in their own culture! This same "God" hate women & yet created them! I mean damn! And yet they still want to fuck women yerrrr! Let’s go deeper, “God” have over thousands of names & the name "God" is one of them :)

In order for anyone, doesn’t matter what race you are. We all can think & feel & expand our consciousness. We all can come into some kind of self realization about whatever (doesn't matter what topic) in our reality & grow. But to be able to truly change our reality, we have to acknowledge “name that can’t be named, perceived, or thought of by self,” (architect of multiuniverses, architect of creating souls & spirits, architect of the seen & unseen, architect of the unknowable, etc.) that innate within ourselves. To know that we are given everything we need within ourselves to change our reality. Doesn’t matter where we are in life! Prison, homeless, carless, can't see, poor, divorce, etc., we can always improve our lives. I know we all had witness miracles not only in our lives but countless of others. I’m not saying that this is the first step of acknowledging this power within to be able to change our reality. Because I was changing my reality before I came into a self realization that I am GOD/GODDESS. But by being aware of this wisdom, by acknowledging this power within, we will definitely climb very high heights within any society or/and be able to change our reality the way we seek to live. Now, I can’t speak for any other race except for the people that look like me (melanin) & even some of them are questionable lmao. The so called “black race,” “original/aboriginal people,” or/and “melaninate people” are the true God’s & Goddess’s. Meaning, our souls never dies. I really don’t know if we can lose our immortality eventually if we don’t take care of our divine powers or whatever. Definitely have to do more research on that topic. I can’t speak on the “white race” or any other race besides the “black race” due to lack of information or my awareness. This question still ponders within me. Do “white” people have a soul or not? Some master teachers say they do. Some master teachers say they don’t. Now each human being is connected to the source of all creations because without the source, we wouldn’t be able to sustain in this reality & others. So I definitely know that we all are connected to the same energy source but I can’t say everyone can move on from this reality onto others. I know I can! I can’t say the same for others that doesn’t look like me.

For me, I know “God” is real. I know that this “God” have no limitation within its power. I know that I can tap into this power & alter my reality the way I seek it to be. I know that when I sleep at night, I am not responsible for making sure that I’m breathing properly, that my heart keeps pumping blood & other functions it does, & anything else that my body does that I am not aware of at that time. Like gul, I can be having a full blown conversation & not worry about breathing. Even though I make it a conscious habit to breathe deeply while expressing myself. When I look at life, I observe a perfect balance of chaos & order. I observe night & day that haven't failed. I observe this matrix that’s well designed. So I know that there’s a higher(est) intelligence that’s holding all of this together. Not just Earth! I’m expressing millions & millions of other universes that’s being held together by the source that I call name that can’t be named, perceived, or thought of by self, yerrrrr.


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