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Name that Can't be Named, Perceived, or Thought of by Self part II

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This is part II of this post. The first post "Name that can't be named, perceived, or thought of by self" expressed about acknowledging that there is a higher(est) power within each of us to be able to create the reality that we see best (as of right now, doesn’t matter what skin color anyone is). That means we all have this divine energy that can be used to create our own worlds to our liken. So the question that I asked before, who is this entity, this God/Goddess, or this supreme being that all religions, occults, & organizations acknowledge? From my understanding, I must express that I don’t know shit about this supreme, unknowable, undefined being for lack of words. We use symbols due to the design of our mind operation system. It needs information to process & understand. To say I do know this , hinders my growth. If this entity created multiuniverse right? For me to express that I know how this supreme being thinks, feels, behave, it characteristics, etc. is bullshit (to even apply any of these traits are bullshit). Those are human traits, not this undefinable being traits. I don’t know shit about this unknowable being. This is what I call a free thinker! I don’t think inside the box, I think unlimited & if I have any beliefs about thinking within a box still, I’m destroying that shit! But I even read that even our thoughts are limited. What’s unlimited is our awareness.

I asked this question I don’t know how many times now! Who & What is GOD that we all collectively named this entity that sustains all? While being in NYC, I had numerous of conversations about GOD. One thing that stuck to me!!! We all have a different perspective of this GOD! Some believe that Jesus Christ is their GOD. Nothing wrong with that if some are still on that spiritual path of giving another entity their salvation, their powers to an outside force. Hey if the shoe fits, enjoy! Been there, done that! I remembered I used to say this a lot when I was a Christian. The only being I fear is GOD. Even though the bible says that God is love. I never questioned that belief before until now. Why do I have to fear God? What is the purpose of fearing God? To live moment by moment fearing God isn’t good for my overall wellbeing at all. Living in fear on a day to day basis constricts us from analyzing our environment & being able to experience peace & calmness. What goes on within our minds reflects in our body. This is a proven fact spiritually & in science. Later on in my blog, I will definitely discuss about as above so below, as below so above. It’s a valuable principle because once we understand that everything is holistic is when we can have a better understanding of our mind & body relationship. But anyways, where did GOD come from? Who & What is GOD? Coming fromGod Is a Verb states that “What is God? In a way, there is no God. Our perception of God usually leads to a misunderstanding that seriously undermines our spiritual development. God is not what we think It is. God is not a thing, a being, a noun. It does not exist, as existence is defined, for It takes up no space & is not bound by time……….. When we call it God, what are we talking about? Ifwe say that IT is compassionate, full of lovingkindness, the source of love, we may be talking about our image of what we think the divine nature ought to be, but we are not talking a Ein Sof (means endlessness). In the same way, if we say that the God portrayed in the Bible is vindictive, jealous, angry, cruel, uncaring, or punitive, we cannot be referring to Ein Sof. Ein Sof includes every attribute but cannot be defined by any of them individually or all of them combined1.”

So wait a minute?!? The GOD that I was taught through Abrahamic religions, my own family beliefs & ideologies, & the mass society perception of this GOD are half truths. Cooper expresses that “Jewish mystics are particularly concerned about naming the universal connection. People confuse names with identities……...Giving a name to the nameless creates a stumbling block that trips most people. We think that if something has a name, it has an identity. An identity comes with attributes.So we think we know something about it2” The way our minds are set up, we need some kind of symbols (words, names, letters, pictures, sounds, etc.) for us to have a better understanding of the relationship with both physical & non physical worlds. This entity has many names but do we know how this entity creates worlds, universes, galaxies, worm holes, stars, black holes, etc.? Do we know where this GOD first began? Or when is this GOD going to end? In order to understand this, on my next blog post. I will discuss somewhat how this entity sustains all creations like in a background of the song. You have to really pay attention to notice or be aware of it.


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