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polarity duality opposites are one & the same

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

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Life is always a polarity. If there were no darkness there would be no light. If there were no trouble there could never be any peace. If the sun always shone you would not appreciate it. You have to learn sometimes through conditions that seem a nuisance. One day you will look back and say, “We learned our best lessons not when the sun was shining, but when the storm was at its greatest, when the thunder roared, the lightning flashed, the clouds obscured the sun and all seemed dark and hopeless.” It is only when the soul is in adversity that some of its greatest possibilities can be realized.” ~ Silver Birch

As I reflect on my life, if it wasn’t for polarity, I wouldn’t know what I truly want & don’t want to experience. Everything is meant to be used. I used to fear disliking or hating something. I was taught that hate is evil and bad, really to fear it. I was taught by my master teachers Bobby Hemmitt & Brotha Panic. If I was taught to fear something, that means behind the illusion of fear is where my true power reigns. For example, I was taught to fear demons. Demons are consider to be bad & evil, from a religious perspective. As a child, I wasn’t taught or/& didn’t have enough awareness to question why are demons consider to be bad & evil. Well, demon derived from daemons or/and daimon. Which daimon means a guiding spirit, your genius self. What’s crazy, all three words sound the same. Do your research on it. I’m just giving out information & frequencies. I use to think that life was/is hard! As I reflect back on this concept, why do I desire life to be hard? Since we live in a polarity universe, why not use both ends of the spectrum to benefit me. I remembered I was listening to Wiz Khalifa album called Khalifa & he said something in the intro of one of his songs which resonant with me so much. He said, “this shit ain’t as easy as it look, it’s way fuckin easier.” That verse still blows my mind til this day. So I took it a step further & express “this shit ain’t as easy as it look, it’s ways fuckin easier even during hard times.” Even during hard times, it’s still fuckin easy to live & experience life the way I desire & command to. Coming from the Kybalion it states “a knowledge of the existence of this great Hermetic Principle will enable the student to better understand his own mental states, and those of other people. He will see that these states are all matters of degree, and seeing thus, he will be able to raise or lower the vibration at will — to change his mental poles, and thus be Master of his mental states, instead of being their servant and slave. And by his knowledge he will be able to aid his fellows intelligently, and by the appropriate methods change the polarity when the same is desirable. We advise all students to familiarize themselves with this Principle of Polarity, for a correct understanding of the same will throw light on many difficult subjects.”

I gave up a false life to be able to master my own life the way I command it to be. I am learning, unlearning, & relearning that I am my own God/Goddess. Going back to hate! What is wrong with hate? What is the true purpose of hate? I believe & know I can love someone who isn’t good for me (toxic, abuse, narcissistic, etc.). I can chronically love someone who is abusing & hurting me and yet love is supposed to conquer all. So why should I love receiving abuse & torture? Why should I love receiving pain & hurt? I can hate someone just because they are succeeding in life far better than me so I desire to bring them down as far as I can. I was taught to unconditionally love all. Which I believe is fair but I can also unconditionally hate all also. Think about this. If I love something, that means I desire to experience similar things. For example, I love dancing & entertaining! So I love dancing so I can keep on dancing. Now, if I hate something, that means I don’t desire to experience similar things anymore. I hate with passion having other beings to govern my desires & decision making powers, mind control. If I desire for a change to happen, I have to destroy that manifestation in the quantum reality. Too much of either hate or love isn’t good for me at all. Too much love & I could get hurt. Too much hate & I could get hurt. Water is good for me right but if I drink too much water or it’s not drinkable water, it can effect me in a not so good way. So it's okay to dislike or hate something. To control both polarities to work in my favor is what it means to take full responsibility of my life.

“The time we need in order to heal our wounds and finally manifest our deepest dreams is only as the gap between two thoughts. These are thoughts in polarity, such as separation and unity, conflict and peace, misery and joy, hate and love, etc. Since as human beings we are all capable of experiencing both thoughts, the only skill we need to develop involves mastering the GAP ~ Franco Santoro

I do not own any rights to this photo

Coming from the Kybalion states “then passing on to the Physical Plane, they illustrate the Principle by showing that Heat and Cold are identical in nature, the differences being merely a matter of degrees. The thermometer shows many degrees of temperature, the lowest pole being called "cold," and the highest "heat." Between these two poles are many degrees of "heat" or "cold," call them either and you are equally correct. The higher of two degrees is always "warmer," while the lower is always "colder." There is no absolute standard — all is a matter of degree. There is no place on the thermometer where heat ceases and cold begins. It is all a matter of higher or lower vibrations. The very terms "high" and "low," which we are compelled to use, are but poles of the same thing — the terms are relative.” We live in a world today where the work have been done for us to change our internal climate with technology. If my house temperature is like 90 degrees hot then I have to lower the thermometer to get the house cooler. Now if I am in a car & my a/c doesn’t work during summer time lmao (my first truck that I bought. learned my lesson to test out everything before buying it, thoroughly), I have to lower down my windows to get some air circulating in my vehicle to help lower the temperature while driving. But let me give out a real live example between the polarity of fear & courage. I dance in Manhattan now but leading up to the first day of me dancing in the city. I was fearful! I knew what I am doing is very different. Some might consider me to be crazy, mentally disturb, etc. But what I feared was the police coming after me. Especially with all the shit that went on just in 2020 with the so called black people throughout the world. I did this before when I first came to NYC but my experience wasn’t so good so I ran away from it. Throughout the years, I built courage, knowledge, & wisdom to face my fears. So when I danced on my birthday, I encounter plenty of police officers and yet I been through so much with police officers that it was nothing new. The way I move & dance while walking, I know what the fuck I am doing. A lot of practice & still practicing lol. I overcame my fears rawr roar !!!!



Kybalion the three initiates

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