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The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental Part III

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment ~ Jim Rohn

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the all is mind, the universe is mental part III

So if we can understand that the universe is an illusion & it doesn’t exist (but from our mind perspective, it feels real. Discuss more about it on the next blog). That anything that have a beginning & ending, isn’t real at all. This knowledge is hard to grasp at first for many due to our programming from our parents/care givers, culture, & society. Unless you was conscious before this life & brought that knowledge with you in this life. Like I said in my previous blog post, it took me a long time to get this & still learning. Everything that we are perceiving right now isn’t real. It reminds me of that scene in the Matrix movie when Neo woke up from the matrix & was hit with the truth that that matrix wasn’t real & where Zion stand as taken over by the machines. That was too much for his mind to handle all at once. From the first of seven principle of the Kybalion, the all is mind, the universe is mental, how was the universe created? That’s a big fucking question! If anyone ever wonder how the hell were human beings, plants, animals, etc. were created? It’s a great mystery! There are some theories out there that expressed that human beings were created by higher beings greater than ourselves. But recently, I was listening to a master teacher Bobby Hemmitt & he expressed that there are no aliens that are physical like you & I. But are actually light beings without physical bodies. I believe both concepts are right because just because Bobby didn’t experience aliens for himself doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. We live in a paradoxical universe.

I don’t know for you all but for me, I had this mindset that human beings were the highest intelligence in the whole got damn multi universe! This might sound crazy but this was my experience. One day when I used to jog/leg workout in the morning. This particular morning, for some reason. I was just staring at the sky. It’s very beautiful to stare at the night sky due to its vastness. Anyways, I saw this light right & before I could blink. I will repeat this, before I could even blink my gul, this light shot across the night sky like Goku instant transmission (for lack of better words). What’s crazy! Every time, I would finish my jog/leg workout. I would scream from the bottom of my infinite soul that I am Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD !! This is just my theory but maybe, just maybe they were watching me, idk! From that experience, I definitely know there are higher beings out there, & I definitely know that I am an alien to this realm. So what Bobby Hemmitt expressed is absolutely correct. I am reminded of the Matrix movie. When the architect expressed that the matrix have been destroyed five times, now the six one is when Neo met him. I understand that civilizations rise & fall. We see that through history. There’s a theory out there with bone artifacts that’s about one million years old. Here’s the link https://www.sciencealert.com/little-foot-australopithecus-hominid-oldest-most-complete-south-africa So civilizations could been around for eons. So how many times could have civilizations rise & fall, start over from square one, & rise & fall again? Even in the Kybalion it states that many of our brethren & sisthren came before us & transcended to other planes. Something for us to think about! For each fall, it's like humanity so called de-evolve from their previous higher state of consciousness.

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mind is everything

“The ALL creates in its Infinite Mind, countless Universes, which exist for eons of time, to The ALL, the creation, development & death of a million Universes is as the time of the twinkling of an eye” ~ The Kybalion

Getting back to the universe, how was the universe created? Before this question can be answered, I had to ask myself what is “The ALL?” Coming from the all is mind, the universe is mental part II, I expressed the three principles of “The ALL.” That people must understand in order to understand the polarity between substantial & fleeting reality. Of course, it came from The Kybalion lol. Apparently, after reading the three principles of “The ALL,” “The ALL” is like air! We can’t see air physically (maybe we can if there are some kind of special glasses or equipment to see air) but we know it is there. So spirit is what “The ALL” is. It can not be defined, comprehend, & to know “The ALL” innate nature. Now for those who have a Christianity upbringing, this concept can be difficult at first to grasp. Those under the Christian cult, was taught that God is a jealous God, God have emotions, & all the other bullshit. Coming from Deuteronomy 6:15 (kjv) states “(for the LORD thy God is a jealous God among you) lest the anger of the LORD thy God be kindles against thee, & destroy thee from off the face of the earth.” See, most think like humans & not like God’s/Goddess’s. It is a big mistake to think GOD think like human beings. If GOD created the universe, can human beings create their own universe out of scratch? As a parent who is insecure about themselves, can be jealous of their own offspring because of their youth & beautyness (made up my own word idk). So now, most use those same concepts to describe for their GOD that created the universe. What’s even more funnier is that most people can think for God. How the hell can a person think for God when God created them in the first place? We can not think for God when God created thought in the first place. Look, we are rearranging our limited belief concepts of “The ALL” & expanding it. Coming from “Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of the Kybalion: A Hermetic Mystic Psychology Primer” states “Neberdjer” is “All Encompassing Consciousness,” undivided by the human trinity of human experience (first: something within is aware of things, second: something within you & you become aware of objects, & third: something within you & you become aware of objects by interacting with them (senses, mind, etc.). If a person were to fully understand the illusoriness of the triad & discover the unitary experiences, that is Neberdjer, then that person would achieve the goal of the Mysteries and this is the purpose of the teachings of the Kybalion and some other mysteries or mystical texts. The problem occurs when a person, who’s spirit is intrinsically Neberdjer, uses the triad to have experiences. This is when a person changes perception from all-encompassingness to perception of as an individual, finite, mortal human being.” So once we understand how to perceive in an all-encompassingness perception is when we are tune back into our essence nature. Without this awareness, we all will be remain trap within our own limited & restricted belief systems.

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the mind & The ALL

“The Universe is mental, held in the mind of THE ALL” ~ Kybalion

For real this time (LMAO), how was the universe created? As above so below, as below so above. As in microcosm so is in macrocosm, as in macrocosm so is in microcosm. As in the mind, so is in the body which reflects one’s projection of their world. As in the project of one’s world which internally reflects one’s body as in mind. Coming from The Kybalion it states “in his own plane of being, how does Man create? Well, first, he may create by making something out of outside materials. But this will not do, for there are no materials outside of THE ALL with which it may create. Well, then, secondly, Man pro-creates or reproduces his kind by the process of begetting, which is self-multiplication accomplished by transferring a portion of his substance to his offspring. But this will not do, because THE ALL cannot transfer or subtract a portion of itself, nor can it reproduce or multiply itself — in the first place there would be a taking away, and in the second case a multiplication or addition to THE ALL, both thoughts being an absurdity. Is there no third way in which MAN creates? Yes, there is — he CREATES MENTALLY! And in so doing he uses no outside materials, nor does he reproduce himself, and yet his Spirit pervades the Mental Creation. Following the Principle of Correspondence, we are justified in considering that THE ALL creates the Universe MENTALLY, in a manner akin to the process whereby Man creates Mental Images. And, here is where the report of Reason tallies precisely with the report of the Illumined, as shown by their teachings and writings. Such are the teachings of the Wise Men. Such was the Teaching of Hermes.” What a fucking mouthful! It goes back to the blog post title or principle “the all is mind, the universe is mental.” Everything starts with the mind! But it goes way deeper than that!


Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of the Kybalion: A Hermetic Mystic Psychology Primer by Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby


The Kybalion: the three initiates

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