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The ALL is Mind, the Universe is Mental (prelude)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

mind full of it all
all is mind the universe is mental

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“He who grasps the truth of the Mental nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery” -The Kyballion by the three Initiates1

The title of this blog seems fishy! The All is Mind, The Universe is Mental sounds like a bunch of bullshit right? I don’t blame ya! It took me years just to grasp this concept & still fucking learning it. Like looking around in my reality, how is it possible to think that the universe is mental. From my last post nothingnessvoidemptiness, I expressed that this so called emptiness isn’t really empty. So what the fuck is within this emptiness? I think & believe that it’s transcendental intelligence. Something that I can’t even comprehend & perceive. Something so intelligent (lack of better expression) that if I lived for a billion years, I would barely touch the surface of this intelligent source even though my soul does. If it sounds like I am repeating myself, great! Repetition is one way to program the subconscious mind. I believe this is where thoughts come from. I am jumping ahead of the book but I think this is a better way to start of. Because I ask questions. Like where does thought come from? Matter of fact, where does mind come from? A master teacher once said that us human beings think about mundane shit. Like what are we going to do tomorrow? Where am I taking my vacation at etc.? Not saying there's anything wrong with it. Need balance also. But from beings that are way far advance than ourselves, they think about creating other world's & universe's. They think about 100 years to 1000 years ahead into the future instead of a day to day or month to month thing like us human being think. Those who think about the future, creates it!

“The principles of Truth are Seven; He who knows these, understandly, possess the magic key before whose touch all the doors of the temple fly open.” - The Kybalion by three initiates2

That quote above hit differently when I reflect back on my experiences here in NYC. When I became aware of “The Kybalion” few years ago. It literally helped me have a better understanding of the basic laws of the universe. I expressed basic because I believe & know that I can defy these laws. I can create my own laws as I go through life. Anyways, when I first was aware of these seven principles, it took maybe a year for them to actually unfold within my consciousness. The first principle “The All is Mind, The Universe is Mental” took a lot of inner searching to finally grasp the concept. Even a rock have intelligence. Beans & weed have intelligence. Even dirt have intelligence. Once I finally grasp that concept, everything else started to fall in place. Every single creation seen & unseen have intelligence. The universe is mental. So that means everything within the universe have intelligence. My gul, even shit (manure) have intelligence. Why do dogs sniff other dogs shit? Coming from wagwalking.com3 states “poop tells your dog all about that animal’s diet, emotional state, home environment, favorite walking place, health condition, & so much more.” Like I expressed my gul, even shit have intelligence. From my studies, human beings can observe their shit (manure) & can determine their health state just from how the shit interacts with the toilet bowl water. Constipation can mean health/emotional issues. Loose stool can express something going on within my gut/digestion/stomach system. How the stool float or sink expresses a lot about the chemical break down of the food process & so much more within a human being.

Now there’s going to be a time where those who are chosen on this spiritual path (I’m mixing esoteric/metaphysics/gnostic information). They might encounter from gnostic text about “Marduk,” “Archons.” or “Demiurge.” Pretty much the “Demiurge” or I could be wrong “Marduk” also known as that are the rulers of the physical world. They feed off human energies. This concept is hard to believe but hey, I’m just passing information. Do your own fucking research. Anyway, even these so called “Archons” or “Demiurge” have intelligence and guess what? Where did their intelligence come from? From the source of course! The “Demiurge” are so called the creators of human beings but within certain human beings contains a divine spark or soul (I can not speak about any other race beside my own due to lack of awareness). That means we are superior to the demiurge & archons. Meaning that instead of being used for our energies. We can use their energy to benefit ourselves yerr. The matrix is a perfect example of this scenario. The machines (archons & demiurges) used human beings (battery) as an energy source to power the matrix or whatever the machines used human beings energy for. So where I am getting at, this intelligence transcend our intelligence. We can transcend our thoughts! We can observe (in the background) our thoughts play out. I can observe my thoughts that passes through my mind & can decided on how to respond or react to them. But that’s another topic of discussion but it is relevant. Anyways, there’s some kind of transcendental intelligence that’s within all creations see & not seen. How sway??? If we can sit back & observe for instance the sun. The sun comes up & down (how it is perceived) every got damn day. For millions of years! To be that consistent! Think about this! To be that consistent for millions & millions of years, that have to be some kind of intelligence there.

So what I am trying to express is that our mind is a tool for us to use but if we do not understand how our minds work, someone will use our minds for us. I believe a great place to start is to acknowledge that there's some kind of intelligence that created us & we are able to do similar shit. I believe the corona virus played a great part of how human beings react or interact with pandemics. Some are allowing this disease to detect their entire lives. Some people are buying toilet paper, face masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. but how about the essential stuff like food & water? There are beings out here that understands how the mind works & if others don't understand how their own mind work, well they are being controlled whether they like it or not. There's intelligence in everything! Are we using this intelligence to benefit us or getting fucked over?

This is just a warm up or a prelude on becoming aware that everything within our reality including the universe is intelligent.

Part I coming soon yerrrr


The Kybalion by three initiates1

The Kybalion by three initiates2



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