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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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read at the end of the post to find the meaning of this logo

Welcome to milagrodagreatestperiod.com relaunch. I am humble to go through different trial & errors to get better & better. Without chaos in our lives, how can we know what order looks & feels like. Through experience, I realized that chaos is just breaking up of old manifestations & creating new light for me to experience. Reality is truly a paradox because we all are right & wrong at the same motherfucking time. There’s no truth until I decide what truth is (Dr. Delbert Blair). We all are at different levels of consciousness so who am I to tell another individual that their truth is wrong. This finally hit me! For those who follow Brotha Panic on YouTube (if you haven't, google: "occult lectures youtube channel"). He expressed that the only way for one’s consciousness to expand is through self realization. It’s funny, when I first started off on my spiritual journey I was watching this website called selfrealization.org (I don't think he's still around or maybe changed his name). I didn’t understand at that time about self realization but it finally came back to a full circle. I was way ahead of my time & need it to experience so much more. Anyways, enough of me just rambling.

Milagrodagreatestperiod.com is about me seeking & attaining Da’Greatest MIND PERIOD. Coming from hermetic teachings (kybalion pdf), the all is mind, the universe is mental. Everything starts with the individual mind. The only individual that can save me, is me. This site is about me seeking & attaining higher(est) light & darkness information & downloads & sharing what I have learned through my blog & email newsletter. Through my darkness, through my shadow work, through my “negativity,” I can transmutate that energy into “positive,” light, healing, higher(est) vibrations, frequencies, & energies, etc. This site is all about seeking & attaining higher(est) knowledge, wisdom, gnostic, esoteric, occult, metaphysical, consciousness, spiritual, & truth information & downloads. I’m going to be listing all my sources where I attained this information & others from personal experience either on my blog or email newsletter. This site is all about self realization to be, become, & being God/Goddess, chaos being/magickian, & Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD.

Everything that is displayed within my website is truth that I believe & know in, EVERYTHING. What I am getting at we all can create by commanding vibrations & frequencies that alter future realities in the third dimension. Are you afraid of the dark?

I believe & know that everything I do is greatness, nothing less & every act of greatness more!

My logo for my lifestyle as Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD is an ancient symbol my ancestors used from the beginning of time.

A circle with a black dot. Coming from https://gnosticwarrior.com/circumpunct.html

33rd Freemason, and one of Masonry’s foremost scholars, Manly P. Hall had written about the circumpunct in the Lectures on Ancient Philosophy view;

The keys to all knowledge are contained in the dot, the line, and the circle. The dot is universal consciousness, the line is universal intelligence, and the circle is universal force – the threefold, unknowable Cause of all knowable existence (the three hypostases of Atma). In man the spirit is represented by the dot and conscious activity or intelligence by the line. Conscious activity is the key to intelligence, because consciousness belongs to the sphere of the dot and activity to the sphere of the circle.
The center and the circumference are thus blended in the connecting line – conscious activity or intelligence. The circle is the symbol of body and body is the limit of the radius of the activity of mind power pouring out of the substance of consciousness.
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