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What is Consciousness

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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What is consciousness, from my perspective? I believe that consciousness determines an entity reality, from many different dimensions, time & space & perspectives & experiences. And since we are energy beings having a mortal experiences, there’s a limitation on our consciousness or I rather express, there’s limitations to my state of consciousness that I haven’t broken through those barriers as of yet. To be able to create my own universe from just using raw, undifferentiated energy that's within me similar to how the ultimate creator creates. Implies that as above so below, as within so without. As in mind so as in body (external experiences). Matter of fact, we are doing it now & some don’t even know it. We are creating our experiences right now unconsciously. Until we expand our state of consciousness is when we are able to break any limitations placed within our consciousness. I believe we all had to go through numerous of experiences, unconsciously, to experience duality within this universe. Like, lets think about his forreal!!! How would we know what we think good is if we don’t know what we think bad is? I take it as being able to experience everything as much as possible from being ignorant as fuck to being so highly enlightened. Coming from the Kybalion (it’s an esoteric book, can get it on the internet for free), it states that “The ALL” (known as GOD, ALLAH, Most High, Highest Power, etc.) was so heavily involved within it’s creations that it forgot who it was, amnesia. I think (I can’t think for the highest power) “The ALL” did this on purpose to be able to experience all sides of duality. To experiences it’s own power! I can’t think for the absolute creator but that’s how I see it as so for. So pretty much, once I remembered that I am a GOD/GODDESS (in terms of a verb, not a noun. Meaning of expression of intelligent energy), I am renewing my state of consciousness. I am recorrecting my error from my past & becoming renewed. Instead of life controlling me, I control life!

Coming from The Kybalion: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries: A Hermetic Mystic Psychology Primer by Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby, “the cause of this way of perceiving is due to a misconception of the three aspects of your consciousness. You have three aspects to your experience; the first aspect is the witnessing aspect, there is something in you that is aware of things, that is called Amun; and then there are objects that you become aware of, that Amun becomes aware of, & those are called Ptah. The means of Amun interacting with Ptah is called Ra, your senses, your mind, your instruments of your senses. So there is a triad that constitutes the capacity to have “experiences”, & that triad allows the personality to engage in the capability of perception. This is the triad of mental experience. Without any element of the triad the “experience is not possible.” So if we are able to understand this concept about consciousness, we can alter & change our reality to what we seek & desire to attract/manifest. Instead of reacting to what we experience (easy said than done), we should observe & reflect on what we experienced & see what we can do differently in similar situations. Because similar situations do occur again & again until we fully learned the entire lesson. It can go on for years, whew!

Coming from The Opening of the Way: A Practical guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt by ISHA SCHWALLER ALLER de LUBICZ, “man has three levels of consciousness: the Automaton, Permanent Witness, the Spiritual Witness. The Automaton is the mortal being, physical, emotional, and mental. When the mental faculties become developed, the innate or instinctive consciousness is usually put to sleep, and ceases to be perceptible by its owner; in that case he is controlled by the working of his organic functions and by the nervous, emotional, and cerebral reactions which their appetites provoke. The creature is an Automaton because it is controlled by the mutual reactions of its parts and by the exterior influences, which act upon it at every moment of its existence? influences such as country, family, relatives, education, laws, customs, and many others. Normally, when a man has not undergone a methodical training with a view to becoming aware of his states of consciousness, they develop or atrophy unnoticed, except of course his brain? consciousness, which never allows itself to be forgotten. Thus he is controlled by his physical, mental, and emotional reactions, over which he has no check other than the explanations offered him by the five senses and the brain. There are, however, two witnesses to the existence of this intelligent Automaton, and these are the two nonmortal states of consciousness. These two witnesses record, generally unnoticed by the Automaton, the impressions which affect it, and both provoke reactions whose origin and value are unknown to the Automaton. That there are two can be seen from the personal or impersonal quality which distinguishes the evidence they offer, and the purposes for which they offer it. We can then speak of two witnesses. The Permanent Witness has the aspect of the personality; it has the same cycle and personal rhythm, reinforced by its inherited and astral characteristics; for the conditions of its incarnation have been determined by affinity of rhythm and by the karmic necessities of its evolution.

This witness is the Osirian element in man, and must undergo renewal through the cycles of Becoming. As such it desires the continuation of personal experience. The Spiritual Witness has the spiritual aspect of the incarnate being, his spiritual Name, his highest form of consciousness. It represents his divine soul, or in Egyptian terms his divine Ka, throughout the course of his incarnations. ` It is the Horus element in his evolution, because it desires to liberate him from the karmic chains of Becoming by unifying his levels of consciousness. These two immortal witnesses correspond to the two angels which Christian tradition gives a man to advise him, the good or guardian angel and the "bad angel." The bad angel is the Permanent Witness, the permanent awareness of "I," which witnesses a man's reactions to the experiences of life and how he resists the control of his higher consciousness. Its physical center in the human body is the liver, and its listening post is in the brain. The second is the Spiritual Witness, which is impartial because totally independent of the personality. The personality is only its vehicle of incarnation, and the object of the necessary transmutation to accomplish the task of the Christian and Horian redemption, for this redemption is attained by uniting the divine with the human. Its physical reaction center is the spleen, and its listening post is the occult center called the Spiritual Heart.

These two immortal levels of consciousness give man his advantage over the animals, and distinguish the quality of different individuals according to how one or the other predominates and according to the relations of both with the Automaton. In most human beings, unfortunately, the Automaton is the active agent, and does not even notice the existence of a continuous guiding thread.

This guiding thread is the Permanent Witness of the immortal Self. This Witness records, with or without the cooperation of the Automaton, and in a subtler medium than brain? consciousness, the results of the experiences of life. So while the Automaton is undergoing the impressions which it thinks it has created, this guiding thread pursues its intention of perfecting the type of man that it represents, by developing all the possibilities of its real Self. The Automaton has the illusion of directing its own existence, because it has cultivated awareness of the faculties of its brain, several of which were already developed in the higher animals. This cerebral consciousness, by the comparison and association of ideas, leads it to believe that it can judge, decide, and choose.

Thus the mortal Automaton and the immortal Self pursue their several aims beside one another, but with this difference that the Automaton is ignorant of the presence of the Self, and sometimes serves it, but more often obstructs it by inertia. In this condition man abdicates his right to be lord of Nature and the animals, for study and reason will never reveal to him the secret of life or grant him access to the supernatural realms.


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