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who or what think your thoughts (you or external factors?)

My truth, my opinion our reality can have a big impact on the way we think. Which is hard until with practice. It becomes easier to think our own thoughts regardless of what our reality reflects back to us ~ Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD

does your mind think for you or do you think your own mind
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I remembered years ago when I first started my spiritual journey, conscious, as through my ego (my spirit-soul always been conscious). I read this book called “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles (I was starving to be rich due to my circumstances at that time). The author said something that still sticks with me til this day. He said (I’m paraphrasing it) to think what I want to think despite what’s physical. That’s true power of thought. As I speed forward to now. I found two sides to that statement. I can think something that’s not in my reality into existence and two, even though my reality might reflect to me that this is a certain truth and it’s final (even though lies can be perceived as the truth). I can think for myself (by doing research and being in sync with my intuition). So what I am expressing. Even though my reality might reflect back to me that there's no way to transcend my reality. I can do so if I think differently about my reality.

For example, the vaccine that’s being pushed down on humanity to take because they say it’s for our own good. Thinking for myself, how does another person knows what’s best for someone else when they didn’t create them in the first place? Even though I was in the womb of my mother for about nine months, does not give her a right to tell me what she think is best for me. Where did I come from before I entered through my mother's womb? Anyways, there was a point of time in the distant past when human beings weren’t vaccinated once born. When I observe other animals give birth naturally (in nature), they don’t need any kind of vaccination for survival, majority of them. We are the only intelligent beings that the majority have to be vaccinated right after birth and have a few more sticks later on in the childhood development. Human beings been around for millions of years. Up to this point of our existence, we need vaccines to thrive. From my understanding, there are plenty of older folks that are grandparents or even great grandparents that survived during the worst outbreaks (swine flu, sars, hiv/aids, etc.).

What I came to an understanding and some might frown at it. But once I started to understand this principle that “the all is mind, the universe is mental.” My life started to changed in a magickal, mysterious ways. Everything in this universe is intelligent. Even my body is intelligent! So that means my body knows what’s best for itself because it is aware of itself. What I am implying, the body knows what’s best for it without my interference of thinking I know what's best for my body (out of control ego). When the body says I got to use the restroom now. One better go to the bathroom or we already know the results. If the body says I am tired and need to rest and if we don’t respect the body needs. Despite what we are doing, it will crash on us. So I know my body is intelligent so that mean it also knows what’s best for it. All I have to do is listen to my intuition, gut feeling, and instinct and cooperate with my body. I started to correct my bunions to be straight, and I started to work on my posture/spine buy purchasing this posture corrector (been doing for a few years now). I have experienced an overall improvement in all areas of my life from realigning my body. So now my mind, brain, and body can communicate so much better, accurate, and precise.

mind is all the universe is mental
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So (as a thinketh man (mind)), the authorities are saying regardless if one have taken the vaccine, they still have to wear a mask. Plus, even if one got the vaccine, there is still a probability that they can still get Covid-19 or whatever new strain is out. But it’s hard to think for oneself if fear got us hook on to it like crack. Like from my understanding, fear can definitely alter our reality from what reality actually is. This happened recently (on 8/8/21). I was enjoying myself and caught the wrong train. So I ended up at this station called “Westbury.” So while waiting for the train, the announcer (robot) said that this train to Penn Station will be on track three but I heard four. I was fearful because this was my first experience that the side of the track I was on at first was closed due to repairs, I think and didn’t want to miss the train because I have to wait another hour (weekend hours) until the very next one. So I had to calm myself down so that the fear I was experiencing wouldn’t dictate my reality.

So my perception of Covid-19 might be different from others. And yet I don’t perceive Covid-19 as a positive or as a negative, it is what it is. Like if people are for the vaccine, get it. If people are against it, don’t get it. One must know that they control their own reality and no external can harm one without one permission (if one mind is working towards being whole or/and is already whole). Like I don’t fear COVID-19 and the vaccine (I even took the COVID-19 test to go to Cancun and to come back to the states). I faced that fear and conquer it with ease (I even dance throughout the whole COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 without my mask, out in public). So I know I won’t manifest anything because I don’t allow the fear of those things to penetrate my subconscious mind. I have been doing my spiritual work so yeah. The only thing to fear is fear itself and I don't even fear, fear.

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