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you not spiritual if you not doing the shadow work, argue with ya mama, not me

Wearing crystals, typing ase, and saying I’m spiritual does not truly mean one is spiritual – Milagro Da’Greatest PERIOD

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What’s goodie everyone. It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything from my blog. I had a lot of relearning, learning, and unlearning to do. Experiences and experiments taught me a lot about myself these past few months now. I’m aware that spirituality is a new slogan for a lot of people these days. A lot of people are wearing crystals, spiritual objects, going and being vegan, being love and light, taking spiritual baths, walking in nature, and all that other good shit. I don’t see any problem with that at all…..but ! I think, believe, and know that the root of spirituality is to let go of shit that doesn’t serve us anymore. What do you mean by that Milagro? Thanks for asking! What I mean is…. I can only express it through my own life experiences and experiments. First of all, what do we say and emotionally feel about ourselves while being by ourselves when no one else is around? Or why do we feel guilty and afraid to be who we are and do what the fuck we want to do presented in front of our family, friends, associates, strangers, society, etc. on and offline? Spirituality is about expressing our authenticity and letting go that doesn't allow us to express ourselves without feeling bad and guilty. First, I want to express that I started my (re)membering spiritual journey in a so called homeless experience. I lost everything back in Texas and was living in the streets for a while. Sleeping on my cardboard box, only one set of clothing that I wore damn near everyday, and didn't know how the fuck I was going to eat that day. I literally had to use the tools that are within me and pulled myself out of that hole. What I am expressing, I don’t play when it comes to my spirituality because I put my fucking life on the line. I literally had to use my thoughts, feelings/emotions, and everything along the way instead of depending on someone else creation even though I had to use their creations to get through. I was creating mine new reality within my own darkness (abyss) and didn't know at that time. So spirituality is a lifestyle for me. I didn’t have a job either. I used my mind and other light/lite bodies to manifest the reality I’m at today and getting ready and prepared to quantum level up again and infinitely. What I am expressing, instead of getting a job, getting a room/apartment, and all that shit. I did it while being in the shelter in NYC! I sacrificed the human shit to bring forth my soul/spirit and heal and put my ego to serve my spirit-soul. I dedicated all my time reading, watching YouTube videos, going to lectures in NYC, listening to my own intuition, dancing (saved me literally), writing my own blogs, recording my own YouTube videos, etc. to live life on my fucking terms and nobody else. So within these short few years, I attained massive spiritual strength in quantum speed and it’s compounding as I’m typing this right now.

spiritually ready
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Anyways, I recently found out that unconsciously I get emotionally attach to person(s) place(s) thing(s) circumstance(s) situation(s) environment(s) experience(s) spirit(s) and have a hard time letting them go (good and bad aspects). Also I’m emotionally attached to stress and chaos that’s not beneficial for me anymore. To say I’m a spirit-soul experiencing and experimenting life as a human being means I am no-thing as a spirit-soul. What does no-thing mean? I’m no shape, no form, no persons, no places, no things, no atoms, no photons, no mind, no spirit-soul, no self image, no-thingness. That’s why I had to take a break from writing. I had to relearn, learn, and remember that I am not everything since everythingness can’t create a spirit-soul and yet a spirit-soul can create everything. Shout out to Flight Boss, my soul-spirit group. I binge watch a lot of his videos on YouTube (Youtube channel: Doelow Da Pilotman) and resonate with them great. He helped me realize that every spirit-soul experiences life differently. What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. Anyways, growing up I wasn’t aware of my own spiritual blueprint. About my light/lite bodies I created from the spiritual world and using what I created to experience in this reality. I picked my parents to experience and experiment my light/lite bodies I created in the spiritual realm. If my emotions rule my reality, then I’m not truly free. I’m in hell! Hell isn’t negative in a bad way or bad thing. I hate thinking believing programmed that hell is negative in a bad way or bad thing #unlearn Hell can be a mindset and physical state. We all living in hell physically because our spirit-soul is no-thingness living in constraints conditions called this human vessel. Next we all living in hell mentally because of the negative side of polarity. Now negative in this sense does not equates to bad. Just like there’s a negative charge in batteries. Do we say "oh that battery is negative! I can't use it". We need both positive and negative to create the reality we are experiencing right now. So without the negative, how can we evolve and grow? How can we understand our limitations if we did everything without limitations at first, correlating to hell. So someone else hell can be someone else heaven and vice versa. We all can transcend our hell if we choose to. Some enjoy their hell. Like for me, I’m emotionally attached to my hell. I hate thinking believing programmed being emotionally attached to my hell thought forms emotional vibration frequency energy state of being #unlearn So I’m transcending both my heavens and hells mindset for eternity.

spiritual behavior
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So if someone consider themselves spiritual, that’s great but if one is actually doing their inner work and transcending, transforming, transmutating, and alchemical process their thoughts, emotions, memories, traumas, wounded child, etc. then one is truly spiritual. I’m grateful to not be tied down into corporate america (almost did if I graduated from Lamar University. Shout to LU !) and not to be married or/and have children yet. I have no responsibilities except myself. So like I expressed earlier, I sacrificed humanity (work, career, marriage, housing, physical sex, entertainment, etc.) to accelerate my spirituality into this physical world. Pretty much manifest my spirit-soul into this reality. Anyways, I was consider crazy for not finishing college, my last year in order to graduate. I didn't finished because go after my dreams was more important to me. I experienced a lot from the streets literally. I slept on the sidewalk with my cardboard box and shit. Not knowing how I was going to eat that day and yet, I gain enough spiritual strength to rise above and still rising. So I literally was forced to live with my own shadows from my within my own darkness. Especially when I was in the shelter with fifth-teen plus man in a dorm. It was set up like prison, literally. Which represented I was in prison spiritually and it manifested physically. That was my hell and I transcend it and still transcending my hells. Everybody have their own meaning of what spirituality mean but this is what it means for me. Doing that inner work and create the reality that I command it to be. So some might think I had it easy but of course I make the hard look too damn easy rawr roar !


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